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A cinema situation


Curated screening programmes and workshops

Displaced outside of the cinema, the films invite us to form a new assembly. The series a cinema situation concentrates not only on the films but also on the potentiality of this assembly and, more widely, on the social practices that have contributed to the creation of new film cultures – film societies, cineclubs, film-makers clubs within decolonial movements, video salons, film workshops, etc. – by establishing other modes of production and distribution, by setting up spaces of freedom, sites for emergent subjectivities. The series would have us question our relation to the films, to their images, complicating it by a “situation”, a cinema situation that opens up new aesthetic and political issues and encourages us to imagine new practices and futures for film.


Videobase, presentation of Lottando la vita, Berlin, 1975
Photograph by Anna Layolo and Guido Lombardi selected from their personnal archive