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Unfinished histories

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Unfinished histories


Unfinished histories is a series of screenings and talks, which takes the archives and the collection of the Centre pour l’Image Contemporaine [Centre for Contemporary Images, CIC] Geneva (closed in 2008) as an object of reflection on the emergence of video, its artistic uses since the late 1960s until the early years of the twenty-first century, its institutionalization, the critical and transformative power of its practices.

Combining historical, contemporary and unknown productions, this series brings to light yet unfinished histories that invite us to reconsider the historiography of this period, the relationship between past, present and future, and between the real and the possible.

Unfinished histories is curated by Raphaël Cuomo and Maria Iorio
with Emilie Bujès, Andrea Cinel, Tobias Hering, Annamaria Licciardello, Kerstin Schroedinger, Andrea Thal, and other guests.

The programmes are presented at Médiathèque, Geneva, with occasional screenings at Cinéma Spoutnik, Geneva, and other venues.